Hello Friends,

This month I will be working with the new moon energies to gain more abundance in my life - and you can too! I have done the practice of writing "checks" to myself in times of need and have had very positive results from the universe somehow magically paying up the desired amount within the allotted time frame. But I have not yet used the new moon to assist. So this month, I will be doing just that and letting you know the results.

Because the moon at this time is hidden and full of potential, it is an ideal time to begin planting the seeds of anything that one wishes to grow. As the moon "grows" towards full it will be assisting your project to grow as well. In gardening the lunar gravity at the new moon causes water to rise to the surface to moisten seeds and the steadily increased moonlight assists with new leaf growth. So for magical spells, we can also use this natural cycle to add a collective nurturing energy towards manifesting our desires.

The spell is quite simple. it is to be done within 24 hours after the new moon. Take a blank check of your own, or a specially designed universe check and write an amount to yourself, signing it from "The Abundant Universe". Adding notes or symbols will make it more personally powerful for you as well. You can use a specific dollar amount and date for the intention or simply "paid in full" with no date, for general prosperity.  As added intent for my gain to be acquired from positive means only, I am also writing "harm none" in the note of the check.

I have printed out these beautifully designed checks from Mykitchenwand.com to use (check out the crafty kitchen wands while you are there too)

My check is going to be very specific. I will let you know how it turns out!

Love & Luck,
It's a New Year! A time when many of us review our lives and make resolutions for personal growth. Flower Essences are wonderful, inexpensive & transformative tools which can add gentle support in your personal evolution. Flower essences are botanical tinctures which are made by solarizing the blooms in spring water. They were used in several ancient cultures and revived and refined in modern times by London physician Edward Bach. It has long been a tradition of shamans, healers and root workers to spend time and get to know the plants that they use and prescribe for others. 

Not only the physical properties of the plant are important, but also by getting to know the more subtle "personalities" of each though sitting with them and listening to them in dreams, one can form a relationship. After all, they are living beings and each have their own intrinsic natures. They are sensitive to their environment and anyone who has ever seen a pine grow outward towards the sun or a Venus flytrap capture its prey knows that as much as we chop and chew plants as though they do not have feelings - that they do sense subtle energies and perhaps in unique ways we do not yet fully understand. How heartwarming it is to get a bouquet of flowers as a gift! Not only as a romantic token, but it is a living armful of beauty and potential. When flowers and plants are nearby it feels as though they are nurturing us, as silent shamans connecting us to the powers of sunlight and earth. And to strengths within ourselves.

It is in this spirit that the flower essences hold their magic. They like us, are adapting and surviving on this Earth each in their own ways. Bach and others who cultivate this modality have gotten to understand each flower and it’s subtle character as how it relates to our emotional experiences. So I find that when taking them, it’s as though I am adding the flower’s collective unconscious of betterment and survival to that of my own. It becomes as if I am walking through the same rough challenges in life only with a guide. As a skeptic, one might not feel certain at first that guide is really there. However, once you’ve experienced new ideas pop into your mind and uncharacteristic shifts in your emotions that seem at once so entirely natural to you, yet in the manner in which you were so longing and aspiring towards, it is an incredible new feeling that you cannot ignore.

New Year’s resolutions tend to be BIG ones, things we feel stuck on that we know are key to our betterment. The great thing about flower essences is that they work best on those main themes for our soul, the things we just can’t ignore at this point because somewhere in us we know that we must work though these challenges in order to grow on our path. So no matter what your resolution is, look deep into it to discover how flowers can assist you.

Some of the most common resolutions are fitness goals; losing weight, adherence to a schedule at the gym, starting a new diet.  And there are many coaches and doctors that can help you reach these goals on a physical level. But your body won’t do any of these things without you changing your habits. And there are many ways that flowers can make the process feel more easy and natural for you.

Perhaps you feel disconnected from your body which makes it easy to over eat, try Rosemary.

Sluggish feeling?  Peppermint would be a good remedy for you.

Feeling tired or burned out with little energy to get to the gym?  Olive can help. 
If you rarely have time to care for yourself because you are so busy caring for others,  Oak and Elm will encourage you to you feel better about caring for your own needs.

Do you lack support in social situations? Consider Cerato to help boost your inner confidence so you feel great about staying on your diet of choice when everyone is indulging.

And if you have troubles sleeping or relaxing due to anxiety, Mimulus is just one remedy that can support your overall heath.

There are several handy guides to assist you when picking your remedy or remedy combination such as this one from The Flower Essence Society.  I encourage you to take enough time with your selection so that you understand the relationship between the flower and yourself. Explore the options in the guides and then look at pictures of the flowers, know where they grow and what about their character is important. Feel that you resonate well with your choice. These remedies are not quick fix drops, you are actually inviting that plant to spend time with you and create a beautiful world through you.

Best wishes in your journeys with your flower guides. And let us know the details of your journey in the comments below.  And enjoy a very happy & healthy New Year!

Love & Luck,