Hello Friends,

This month I will be working with the new moon energies to gain more abundance in my life - and you can too! I have done the practice of writing "checks" to myself in times of need and have had very positive results from the universe somehow magically paying up the desired amount within the allotted time frame. But I have not yet used the new moon to assist. So this month, I will be doing just that and letting you know the results.

Because the moon at this time is hidden and full of potential, it is an ideal time to begin planting the seeds of anything that one wishes to grow. As the moon "grows" towards full it will be assisting your project to grow as well. In gardening the lunar gravity at the new moon causes water to rise to the surface to moisten seeds and the steadily increased moonlight assists with new leaf growth. So for magical spells, we can also use this natural cycle to add a collective nurturing energy towards manifesting our desires.

The spell is quite simple. it is to be done within 24 hours after the new moon. Take a blank check of your own, or a specially designed universe check and write an amount to yourself, signing it from "The Abundant Universe". Adding notes or symbols will make it more personally powerful for you as well. You can use a specific dollar amount and date for the intention or simply "paid in full" with no date, for general prosperity.  As added intent for my gain to be acquired from positive means only, I am also writing "harm none" in the note of the check.

I have printed out these beautifully designed checks from Mykitchenwand.com to use (check out the crafty kitchen wands while you are there too)

My check is going to be very specific. I will let you know how it turns out!

Love & Luck,
I was first introduced to the general concept of the Law Of Attraction as a youngster while frequenting local metaphysical and occult book stores. As a pre-teen in the late 70s it was a wonderful time to explore my innate curiosities with the these subjects. Astrology and pyramid power were the rage in pop culture and I was lucky enough to have a few small shops to explore in my hometown as well as a tiny section at the local library containing one of my all time favorites The Cheiro Book of Fate and Fortune.

My curiosity led me to purchasing some of the smaller paperbacks, as they were inexpensive and contained concise information on targeted subjects. One day a palm size book called "Thoughts Are Things" caught my eye. What an interesting concept! The book went on to explain how thoughts were not just random floating intangibles, but tangible things that could affect other things on a physical level. The book, which I highly recommend reading, completely convinced me. That knowledge has stayed with me through the years affirmed by other concepts and life experiences. Another great little primer I found is "The 7 Day Mental Diet" which challenges the reader to "brush negative thoughts from your mind as you would a hot coal from your sleeve" for 7 days. Once an idea is practiced, that is when the real knowledge of it begins. And this is excellent practice to a positive mindset. 

Visualization, Serendipity, Sympathetic ResonanceThe Butterfly Effect and The Vacuum Principal all are elements of what has become known as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is actually a conglomerate of several laws/phenomenon! When people feel that the Law of Attraction is inconsistent, I believe this to be why.  It's like choreographing a dance, adding spices to a recipe, gardening or mixing music. We need to approach our manifesting as an art.

Some manifesting might require more serendipity, more chance - so then increasing your odds and opportunity will matter most. Perhaps you have everything going for you, luck, opportunity, resonance...but it's still not working because there is not enough room in your life for the desired success - then you will need to focus on creating a void. Not so good at visualizing, even though you are very positive? If you incorporate visualization exercises into your day, it will improve the quality of what you attract and how quickly you attract it. 

By tweaking the knobs on your "manifestation mixer" you can approach it with more skill and agility. Each individual brings their own unique subconscious makeup and patterns of action which customize it as well. So all of the paths and plans might work for some of the people, some of the time. But, with enough tests and tweaks you will eventually get quite adept at working your own personal manifestation mixing board! And that is the only one that you need for success. Like any skill, once you train yourself to respond to subtle changes and know your tools inside and out, it will become quite fun for you and look like magic to others!
Manifestation Mixer Exercise   
Write your goal at the top of a piece of  paper. Draw 8 columns like a mixing board or if you prefer color them differently like chakras or any such system that you can relate to best. 
Label them; Visualization, Serendipity, Sympathetic Resonance, The Butterfly Effect and The Vacuum Principal
Rate 1-10 on how much this is a factor to your desire. And then ask yourself if you are adding enough of it to your recipe. If your goal is a new car, you will get it much faster if you not only visualize driving it in detail, but have also planned the registration, parking etc. that you will need for it. But likewise, if you have a huge void created but no idea of any vehicle or cannot imagine yourself  enjoying driving it, you will be just a far off from using the Law Of Attraction in your favor. 

The more you recognize these details you will automatically balance them intuitively as you would seasoning your favorite dish. Before you know it you'll be a manifestation pro with your own "secret" recipe!

Love and Luck,