Merry Meet Moon-Agers!

Unless you live in a cave, I am sure you have been sensing the tensions
all around the globe, and perhaps even been directly victimized.
Terrorism, hateful arguments, tragedies, injustice and frightening
statistics on just about everything affecting our lives are overwhelming
to us. Many of us feel so powerless to help and it is very easy to be

My message to you today is something that I have learned though my
metaphysical studies and personal experience. Attitude, "vibes" and unseen
energies really DO affect things. Negative energies can be conveyed in an evil
look, a demeaning word choice or a bubbling inner tension leading to a
violent lashing out...and it seems to catch on like wildfire between
people very quickly.

To defend against it, the most important thing is to not let these dark
chaotic energies get into your being. When confronted with these negative
vibes I have always found it better to put up a shield of wisdom and
declare "the hate stops here". Protect your body, your loved ones and most
of all your soul from it's poison...even while denouncing and physically
defending against hatred and violence to contain it, take care to never
let it consume you or distort your own inner beauty.

Our higher selves are wiser than both our reason and our emotions, they
are a link to the true treasures of life. If you have ever felt the
harmony when positive and unique souls celebrate, create and even grieve
together, you understand what I mean. No one can force peace, as much as
we would all like to, but I see hope whenever someone puts up a shield of
love and courage and declares "the hate stops here".

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Wishing you much peace and harmony!

Blessed Be,